Our human resources team at LaVida is well-prepared to solve and take on the various specific needs of each one of our clients. With many years of experience, and a highly motivated team ready to tackle our projects and deliver in all of the sectors.

This drive and our dynamic team combine with our passion for success in the most important ways. Our internal values are aligned to enhance our services, building trust across our many channels of communication. Our HR team is the one-stop destination for all companies looking for a comprehensive HR solution for their organization, without the need to open their own internal HR team. Our team seamlessly integrates into your
corporate structure and works hand in hand with you to fill the departmental requirements in a fast and simple manner. We work for you and with you from day one, so you can relax and focus on other tasks.

Our Team Specializations:

  • Expert specialists in human resource management
  • Able to provide tailored solutions according to each customer’s needs.
  • A complete understanding of the Kuwait labour laws in the private sector.
  • The company holds good-standing relations with the government authorities.

Mohammed Al Ahwadi
General Manager
Randa El Deek
Assistant Manager
Sibichan Varghese
Operations Manager
Eddie Gordo
Financial officer


Candidate CV

2nd Floor, Behbehani Complex Jaber Al Mubarak Street Sharq, Kuwait P.O. Box 1963, Safat 13020, Kuwait