LaVida’s ongoing commitment to best international business practices in the management of human resources services makes us the ideal partner for any firm or company looking for a committed contractor in this area. LaVida offers a wide range of useful business services for our valued customers in this area of expertise that include the following:

  • HR Staffing Services & Salary Payroll Preparation:

We always consider employees to be the cornerstone of any company, as such it is vital to place the correct staff in the right positions. In this way, the purpose of a human resources management requires not only a good amount of time to produce said employees, but also the expertise to find and distil them into the best placements. Only then can they exceed their expectations. All of our HR solutions are hand tailored to customer requirements. We always take into account the cost and time in order to save it for our clients.

  • We manage your payroll.
  • We manage personnel management services.


  • Certifications (experience / qualifications / salary).
  • Building individual employee files containing all documents relating to each employee.
  • Staffing & Recruitment Services:

LaVida offers a complete range of local and foreign recruitment services for fulfillment at entry, middle and upper management levels. All at competitive prices. We also provide temporary and permanent recruitment services for those in need of such services.

  • We verify potential employees before employment and insure legal compliance in line with the Kuwait labour laws on your behalf.
  • Provide employment contracts and offers for potential candidates.
  • Administrative Management Services:

LaVida offers a full range of useful administrative services that help facilitate recruitment of required personnel and complete necessary procedures to move things along smoothly. These services do include:

  • Work and commercial visas.
  • Obtaining residence visas (iqama) procedures, including:
  • Medical examinations
  • Fingerprints
  • Work permits issuance
  • Issuing and handing out civil ID cards
  • Issuing and renewals of driving license
  • On request, providing transport to and from employer
  • On request, providing group and individual housing
  • Other includable administrative services

*All services are subject to the rules, regulations and laws of the State of Kuwait.

Corporate Introduction

Kuwait keeps its market strength on the shoulders of its labour, and inturn, by those who manage them. While we continue to see growth in the local labour market we are fully aware that this has created its own challenges on the part of companies to meet these needs with regards to proper and qualified human resources services. Our goal is to provide these services especially to those companies whose own internal department may not have the necessary manpower to build a fully integrated HR system of their own. Through us, they can achieve their needs and have us carry the workload.


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