Kuwait keeps its market strength on the shoulders of its labour, and inturn, by those who manage them. While we continue to see growth in the local labour market we are fully aware that this has created its own challenges on the part of companies to meet these needs with regards to proper and qualified human resources services. Our goal is to provide these services especially to those companies whose own internal department may not have the necessary manpower to build a fully integrated HR system of their own. Through us, they can achieve their needs and have us carry the workload.

Who We Are

LaVida Human Resources & Support Services was established in 2016 with its goal of providing a holistic approach to the field of human resources, including employment in the whole of the Kuwait sectors. Our true vision, having considered the Kuwait market, is to fulfill the missing integrated human resources space with services that meet those needs intently and sufficiently in a manner that is both efficient and cost-saving to our clients.

Our analysis of the local market revealed the need to add new Kuwaiti employees who have obtained a real awareness of the work within these modernised methods and a better grasp of the overall direction that the country is heading. With them, we reach higher areas of prime efficiency.

From the beginning, LaVida has established and developed international partnerships with leading firms in order to provide and tailor to each client individually according to their HR needs.


For LaVida to be the ideal and superior partner with its trusted clients in the management of human and administrative activities.


To enhance and further the development of cutting edge methods in the field of human resource management, and to optimize the corporate environment across multiple valued sectors.

Our Objectives

With regards to our vision, we have certain goals that we will always strive to achieve the below:

  • To combine our efforts to serve and exceed all existing and potential customer requirements.
  • To follow local country labour laws to the fullest while providing intelligent solutions.
  • To provide modernized and proper human resources to a higher standard and meet the changing demands of the market.
  • To build and maintain sustainable relationships with business partners on a continuous basis.


Candidate CV

2nd Floor, Behbehani Complex Jaber Al Mubarak Street Sharq, Kuwait P.O. Box 1963, Safat 13020, Kuwait